Swinging Advice

Vixen Hotwife Blow Job – Tips for Bulls

There are some Vixen Hotwives who dislike blow jobs. Some adore it. Even those who love blow jobs will admit that some guys do things that make it unpleasant to give blow jobs. Here are some things that men can stop doing immediately to receive blows with more politeness.

Single Men: Prepare for Dating a Vixen Hotwife

As any other date making sure you are going to impress is extremely important but also avoid any situation that could create friction with a hotwife. Especially if you both expecting to have sex on that very night it’s absolutely essential you plan things right. I will be sharing the bull routine I perfectioned over […]

The Top 10 Mistakes Younger Swingers Make

The Top 10 Mistakes Younger Swingers Make. We all start somewhere in the swinging world; trust me, I learned the hard way! The non-monogamous lifestyle is something I get a lot of questions about, so I wanted to share some of the mistakes I see young swingers make when dipping their toes into it.

The Upside Down Pineapple Lifestyle in Three Easy Steps

The upside down pineapple is widely used as a symbol, like donkeys representing democrats and elephants representing republicans. The “alternative lifestyle” has many meanings and definitions. In fact, each person that participates in an alternative lifestyle defines it in a way that is uniquely them. For some, it is full of sexual fantasies, practices, set […]

Body Confidence When Swinging

I recently discussed body confidence with one of my friends, A, who’s a single girl. Although A isn’t a swinger, she’s quite curious about the lifestyle and swinger scene, and I told her I’d take her with me to a club that was suited to her particular fetish when they reopen. She confided in me […]

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