Swinging for Couples

Vixen Hotwife Blow Job – Tips for Bulls

There are some Vixen Hotwives who dislike blow jobs. Some adore it. Even those who love blow jobs will admit that some guys do things that make it unpleasant to give blow jobs. Here are some things that men can stop doing immediately to receive blows with more politeness.

The Top 10 Mistakes Younger Swingers Make

The Top 10 Mistakes Younger Swingers Make. We all start somewhere in the swinging world; trust me, I learned the hard way! The non-monogamous lifestyle is something I get a lot of questions about, so I wanted to share some of the mistakes I see young swingers make when dipping their toes into it.

Cuckolding vs. Stag & Vixen

You may or may not know that cuckolding is a popular fetish. Not for me, but it has certainly gained popularity in recent years. Cuckolding is even the second most popular porn search term on the internet. Though I do consider myself open-minded and do enjoy watching my partner have sex with someone else, I […]