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Ethical Non-Monogamy and our Catholic Latin Culture

This blog post explores the challenges and rewards of ethical non-monogamy for Catholic Latinos. It focuses on how to navigate rejection, find supportive communities, and appreciate the benefits of ethical non-monogamy and self-love. Learn how to better accept yourself and open your heart to new relationships.

Vixen Hotwife Blow Job – Tips for Bulls

There are some Vixen Hotwives who dislike blow jobs. Some adore it. Even those who love blow jobs will admit that some guys do things that make it unpleasant to give blow jobs. Here are some things that men can stop doing immediately to receive blows with more politeness.

Explore the Freedom of Ethical Non-Monogamy: Everything You Need to Know

Are you curious about the idea of ethically non-monogamous relationships? If so, this blog post is for you! Ethical non-monogamy refers to having romantic and sexual relationships with more than one person with everyone’s consent. We’ll dive into ethical non-monogamy, how it works, and why it might be a good fit for you. So read on to explore the freedom of ethically non-monogamous relationships!

The Making of a Cuckold-Stag

I grew up in a traditional Mexican household. So you guessed it. Religion and respectful behavior was the name of the game. This also meant, your sex education and adult education were to be learned in the street or from the 1-hour video followed by the awkward 30-minute Q&A session with your history teacher in […]

Licking Pussy Like a God

Licking Pussy well, there are a million different ways to talk about oral sex: eating pussy, licking out, going down on someone, eating someone out. However, as the poet once said, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and getting licked out may be a lot of joy for women and other […]

Single Men: Prepare for Dating a Vixen Hotwife

As any other date making sure you are going to impress is extremely important but also avoid any situation that could create friction with a hotwife. Especially if you both expecting to have sex on that very night it’s absolutely essential you plan things right. I will be sharing the bull routine I perfectioned over […]

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