The Making of a Cuckold-Stag

I grew up in a traditional Mexican household. So you guessed it. Religion and respectful behavior was the name of the game. This also meant, your sex education and adult education were to be learned in the street or from the 1-hour video followed by the awkward 30-minute Q&A session with your history teacher in middle school. Despite growing up in a religious home, I’m not religious at all. As a kid, we went to church, and once I got my driver’s license, I never made the decision to go to church on my own. I had a great childhood. I was the oldest of four kids. The six of us lived in an open-plan house. I didn’t grow up privileged; my parents worked hard to provide for all of us, and I never felt I missed out on anything; but I did get exposed to sex and sexuality early on.

Deviance and sexuality

I don’t remember my first exposure to sex; I don’t remember ever being in inappropriate situations or thinking it was inappropriate. I don’t recall having the “sex” conversation with mom or dad. However, I do remember seeing my mom in lingerie several times; finding my dad’s porn stash occasionally, and sometimes showering with my dad in underwear to save hot water. Every time I was in the shower with him, there was always this curiosity about whether his thingy looked like mine. I wondered if he had ever tried or knew how enjoyable it felt on our thingy to let the water from the showerhead fall at just the right angle. I wonder if my parents knew I could hear mom moaning and my dad slapping against mom while grunting to hold in his sound when they thought everyone was asleep. While I didn’t see anything more than mom’s nipples and dad’s flaccid bulge in underwear, I still think that’s what got me curious about them.

lover hiding under the bed.

When I finally learned how to stroke my young hard cock with my hand, I felt a high I’d never felt before. Eventually, my only goal in life was to find a private place to rub one out.

As I became more curious about my sexuality, I would find ways to sneak a peek at my developing sister. Sometimes, before she got into the shower, and sometimes after. She was developing also, so being careful with how she slept, how she held her towel or how she sat sometimes allowed me to catch an eyeful. I remember one time, we were in the pool at my cousin’s house. We didn’t expect to be allowed in the pool so naturally did not come prepared with bathing suits. So we got in with what we had. I remember my sister got in with her white t-shirt and no bra. Needless to say, I could not stop staring and had a perpetual hard-on the entire time. Now, yes. It was my sister. I didn’t see it like that at the time. At the time, it was a naked girl and I was a horn dog looking for visuals to add to my spank-bank. Might be something there for the therapist I don’t have to uncover.

young girl sleeping with a sneak upskirt peek

At around 13 or 14 years old, my buddies and I were bored out of our minds. So we decided to hang out under a tree in our makeshift clubhouse and we started to talk about masturbation, size, look, and hardness. So naturally, we all took them out and compared them. I remember noticing for the first time how similar yet so different cocks were. I also remember thinking about what it would feel like to put one in my mouth or have a mouth on mine, but I digress. That’s a different post. The point is, that my sex education and the idea of sex came from these experiences. Sneaking a Hustler, Penthouse, or Club magazine and noticing how much people in the pictures were enjoying themselves and of course how often the scenario that played out was a husband and wife sharing a girl or a man. That seemed natural and fun.


Let’s fast forward to my first real relationship. It was high school. She was older than me. I met her at a family party when I was in middle school. My jaw dropped when I saw her. She was gorgeous and way out of my league. I wasn’t too confident and thought she was the one. Her upbringing wasn’t as positive as mine. She’d always said she’d leave after high school. Due to fear and not wanting her to leave me, I left with her and married her against my family’s wishes.

We lived modestly in a one-bedroom apartment her dad helped us get. I worked for a small manufacturing company while she worked full-time at a dental office. Her boss at the dental office was pretty successful. He was young and good-looking, and he was known for sleeping with his staff. At the time, my wife said her boss invited us to dinner with him and his girlfriend. Dinner was great, and we went back to his place afterward. My head started spinning thinking how this doctor must be sleeping with my wife after not paying for dinner and walking into this palatial home. I read into their looks and the little things they said at dinner. At the time, I couldn’t stop thinking he must bang my wife every chance he gets at work. As we made love that night, I made a couple of comments which she shrugged off. I knew I was digging into her! I was upset but at the same time turned on by the thought that someone was fucking my wife… unfortunately we got divorced a year or two later; not because of that incident, but because we were just too young. Neither of us owned a house or had kids. There was no heartbreak, so it was a clean break.

Dipping My Pen in the Company Ink

I was working for a small communications company at the time. There was a lot of growth at the company, and we were hiring. One of my old classmates recommended a couple of our old classmates. Sandra and Giselle. They were smoke shows. Women in sales in this business tend to be hotties. Most of them were Latinas, my age or younger, and looking for opportunities. Because I was the boss, I had my choice.

office sex


She was a natural beauty; dark hair, pouty lips with an ass for days, and an appetite for sex that made my head spin. There was supposed to be nothing more than a physical relationship between us. Her estranged husband was overseas for work and her family did not know they were on the rocks. No one could know we were together. So we snuck around at first. As the date of his return from his work project neared, our relationship became stronger and more public. She shared more and more about how she no longer wanted to be with him and how she hated being with him. Eventually, the date came for him to come home and I felt confident that she and I would remain. I knew the date and time of his return. The night before, Sandra had spent the night with me and we had the most gratifying sex we had had up until that point. Her husband was returning that afternoon. She had taken the afternoon off to go pick him up. The next day, she didn’t come to work. She had called out and called out the next day. I didn’t hear from her, I couldn’t reach her for two days. I was getting worried, imagining the worst, that he had found out, she told him and he had beaten her severely as she told me he sometimes would. I drove by her house. I saw her 4Runner in the driveway but couldn’t see her Finally, I got a call in the morning before work, saying she wanted to talk. She showed up at my house before work. I immediately knew something was up. She was wearing a turtle neck in the middle of July and she had a look on her face like she had not been sleeping. When we got into the house she proceeded to start crying and tell me that she had fucked him. The minute he got home, he fucked her in her 4Runner, fucked her for two days straight. The turtleneck was to hide her hickies. I was devastated, but not surprised. I was less concerned about the why and more intrigued by the how. I asked for details on how it was, how many times, how he felt, and how she felt. It aroused me. I owned her one last time that morning before we went to work. We would see each other in secret a couple of times after that, but not like that morning.


While Sandra and I did our thing, Giselle and I had begun hanging out platonically. When she started working in the office, everyone wanted to get in bed with her. I think it’s because she began sleeping with some of the guys. There was no doubt that she was up for it. Eventually, she started dating one of my good friends, Sergio, who had a girlfriend. I’m not sure why, but that shit turned me on. Eventually, their relationship slowed down and fizzled out, like these kinds of relationships usually do. Sergio cooled things off because his girlfriend started to suspect him. Once I realized their thing was over, I began pursuing Giselle more romantically. It started out as her not wanting to ruin our friendship, but eventually, she and I started having sex. I would let her stay the night and she’d go to work from here. This was a great deal. There was always this little voice in my head wondering if she was still fucking Sergio. While we were getting ready for work, she left a little earlier than usual; I didn’t think anything of it. I thought maybe she went to get donuts or coffee for her team. After she left, I finished getting ready and left for work. Since I lived so close to work, I usually drove a couple of extra blocks to get my brain going in the morning. I spotted Giselle’s car a few cars ahead during this drive. Heading the other way from work, she pulled into a shopping center and drove down the driveway towards the motel at the back. As I passed the same driveway, I thought. I’m sure she’s going to the motel. I made a U-turn at the corner and came back to the driveway of the motel. I drove in and saw it for myself. There’s Giselle’s car in the motel parking lot. I’m getting heated. I’m imagining if she’s already sucking his cock. Is he already fucking her? Since when has this been happening? There’s no answer when I call her. No answer when I called him. When I called the front desk, I asked for her room number. “No one registered with that name.” The voice said. I asked for Sergio, and she said, “I’m transferring now.” Fuck. It blew my mind. It’s her up there fucking. A phone rang. I didn’t get an answer. I sat in disbelief in the parking lot. First, because I couldn’t believe it, and second, because my cock was semi-hard. Why was I so turned on at the thought of her being fucked?

cheating girlfriend in hotel room

Angry and confused, I went back to work. As I’m sitting in my office, I can see cars pulling into the parking lot, so I can tell exactly when her car pulled in. When she pulled up, I knew she’d go straight to my office. So I got ready with all my questions and I was going to let her have them. As soon as she got to my office. Before I said anything, she was crying and saying sorry. It goes without saying. Eventually, I forgave her because I didn’t want to lose her. I never told her I was excited by her little indiscretion. Our attempts at getting into the lifestyle were really light. At a lifestyle resort in Cancun, we probably had the most sex in our lives, but it never quite worked out. I remember asking myself, “would it be fun to share her?” It was an amicable breakup.


My now wife Betty and I met at work also, but not in the same office. Our paths crossed at an event we were both hired to produce at the time. A tall, slender Mexican woman who wasn’t traditional at all. When I say non-traditional, I mean it. During our time getting to know each other, she shared her sexcapades with women, men, and gay men. That’s when I got hooked. Roy, one of the men she shared a story about, was someone she referred me to for a business deal several months ago. It irritated me that she didn’t tell me she was fucking him before this business deal. Secretly, I liked it.

As soon as we started fucking. We fucked all over. The car, the parking lot, the side of the road, the office, at events, we fucked everywhere. At one point, while she was riding me, my right hand reached up to her face. There was a look on her face like she was sucking someone’s cock. Suddenly, more blood flooded my cock. After feeling my cock so hard, I decided to do the same with my left hand and ask if she liked sucking Roy’s cock. She said yes without missing a beat and within seconds I was cumming hard.

secret lifestyles

My approach with her would be to share what I’m into and introduce her to the lifestyle. She was someone I would enjoy sharing. I wanted to watch her get pleasure from other guys. I would arrange dates for her and if possible document the experience with videos and pictures. Watching her suck cocks and take a load on the face excited me to no end. After a few of these sessions, I encouraged her to invite a couple of her ex-boyfriends to come over and fuck her while I was at work as long as she provided me with video, pictures, or audio of the encounter. She’s played with friends she wanted to fuck before we got together. We had fun picking out a barber for her together. She even played a round or two with one of my employees. The guy doesn’t know, I know. The thing is, knowing he enjoyed her and she enjoyed him. Always gets me hard.


Watching your wife become the desire of other men can be exhilarating. What’s more exhilarating is watching a sexually-suppressed woman rapidly evolve into a woman who craves sex. One who is open to all the possibilities the world has to offer and wants to share those experiences as a couple. I know that no matter how much fun she has out there, I will always be home to her.